We receive many letters from the families we've served, thanking us for our caring ways during their time of loss. Their words warm our hearts, and speak to you of our professionalism, compassion, and the true value of the services we provide.

The staff was very nice and helpful. They did everything to make things as comforting as possible. My Cousin Linda planned everything about 17-18 years ago and I believe all was done just as she would have wanted. The Marrocco's have been around for a long time and I believe that it's because they truly care and make hard times just a little bit easier.

Bryan LoRe May 23, 2019

Over the years the staff has helped my two sisters and I with services for both of our parents and two grandparents. Everyone is at Morrocco is professional, organized and caring. They have consistently gone out of their way to assist during the most difficult of times. Highly recommend.

Amy Emmarco May 23, 2019

I would like to thank Jim and all the staff members of Marrocco Memorial Chapel. Your professionalism, attention to detail and kindness was truly appropriate.Thank you for making my family members service beautiful you truly meet all my expectations by taking care of everything. The Jimenez and Lopez family thank you.

Mayra Jimenez June 13, 2019

Jim and crew were outstanding in every aspect during a difficult time for our family. Very compassionate and went the extra mile to accommodate us and answer all our questions. Jim helped us with getting the flowers rather than go searching for a florist with no time to do so. Jim abd crew we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Jack Namuj August 10, 2019

Great service, the stuffs there are will nice. Always ask if you need any other help. You are in good hands

Mei Lin September 26, 2019

I would like to thank Jim and his staff for a truly compassionate and yet the very professional services he provided to me and my family. During this difficult time he made everything so perfect Thank you again

Susan Kolodziej January 19, 2020

Honest, professional and compassionate. When I lost my mother, I had no idea how to prepare for her funeral. Jim and his staff took the time to explain all the processes required. They were kind enough to let me hold a small mass in their chapel. I had to transport my mother to her home in another state and they helped with the air transport and contacted me when she arrived. They even refunded the balance of the airfare when the airline made a change. I am indebted to them because they gave me the opportunity to say farewell to my mother in the manner she requested.

Stan Williams April 05, 2020

Thank you Marrocco Memorial funeral home. For taking care my family threw our difficult. The first call to a follow up call after. Thank Elizabeth for beautiful words comfort and listening to us. I recommend place 100 percent.

Rosa Calle-Ponte May 26, 2020

James Marrocco and his staff at Marrocco Memorial Chapel are very dedicated, compassionate, and professional in providing their service. They help make a very difficult time less stressful with their expertise. My family and I have complete faith that our loved one has been treated with dignity and respect.

Irene Yoda May 27, 2020

I had a wonderful experience with Marrocco Memorial Chapel. They were very accommodating and helpful. I would highly recommend their services.

Marie Severe May 29, 2020

The Marrocco Memorial Chapel services are exceptional. They are professional, extremely well organized and have a special eye for small but very caring details. Thank you for helping us through this difficult time.

Maria Kocylowsky September 12, 2020

Unfortunately my husband passed in a different state. I was unsure about burial arrangements and this weighed on me heavily. Once a decision was made the magnitude of arranging an interstate burial became apparent. Marrocco Memorial Chapel was recommend by a friend. How Jim was able to arrange and execute a seamless transfer from state to state so quickly amazed me. One phone call to Marrocco's put everything in motion. My husband's services were solemn and beautiful inspite of Covid restrictions. I highly recommend Marroco.

Lucy Bianchi November 04, 2020

Very kind and respectful to our wishes, made the transition smooth during such horrible moments in ones life. COVID regulations in effect, we had a beautiful service... Thank you!

Paola A Escobar January 26, 2021

Jim Marrocco and the entire staff were sincerely compassionate and helpful throughout the ordeal. The Chapel and facilities were second to none. We truly appreciated the follow up calls from staff concerned about our emotional well-being. Thank you Jim and thank you all for being there for us. WC

W Ciolko March 17, 2021

Grief is overwhelming and makes it a challange to function in a fully competent manner. Thanks to Jim Marrocco for all the attention to detail and making the process as easy as possible. Everyone was thoughtful and compassionate. compassionatewhich, during the

Tecla Pinto May 15, 2021

Jimmy and staff at Marrocco Memorial Chapel treated Mom respect and dignity. They did a beautiful job from beginning to end. Our family could not have been more pleased. Thanks Jimmy.

Alex Cimaglia June 23, 2021

Can’t say enough about Marroccos Memorial Chapel. Nothing but kindness & compassion from everyone I dealt with during the most difficult time in the passing of my aunt. Even weeks later, they checked in on us to see if there was anything else we needed. James & all his staff were so caring to our needs. I will forever be grateful for all they did for my uncle & I.

Donna Striefler August 03, 2021

My family has been using Marrocco Memorial Chapel for generations. This September was my turn with the passing of my father. From the moment I called needing them, James and his entire staff were compassionate, professional and efficient. They knew exactly how to get us through the rough parts and checked up on us to see how we were doing not only during the services but afterwards as well. I am and forever will be beyond grateful for everything they have done. My dad was right "Marrocco's the best"

Theresa DeLucia October 29, 2021

Very professional and supportive staff.Recommend highly.

Yuri Yuri December 31, 2021

Marocco treated us like family, with all the respect, sympathy and understanding that was needed in our time of sorrow. They are all very professional, and could answer any and all questions we had. They also followed up with us after the funeral, just as family would. I could not say enough about the excellent job they all did. Thank you, Marrocco for taking care of us so well.

Eddy Saba February 15, 2022

Vincent, Jim and Staff, I cannot thank you all enough for your assistance during a very difficult time with the sudden passing of my husband, Al. You all showed me so much patience walking me thru the steps of what I needed to do when I couldn't even think straight. Your compassion toward me and my family made it a little easier. I don't know of another funeral parlor that would have done what you did. Thank you all so much..

Paulette Semento January 16, 2022

My family has used Marrocco Memorial several times over the years, and the service has always been extremely professional, courteous, compassionate, and with extreme attention to detail to make sure everything is perfect. A few months ago I had the unfortunate experience of having to make funeral arrangements for my father, and Charlene and Jim made sure that everything was taken care of from beginning to end. I really didn't have to ask for anything - they had everything and anything at the ready, and were more than available to answer any questions i had along the way. They also are familiar with my local church's customs (Ukrainian Catholic), which is a big plus to me and my family. Although I hope to not be in need of their services any time soon in the near future, I would certainly recommend them to anyone seeking these types of services for their loved ones - the professionalism and compassion is unmatched.

M PG May 23, 2019

The Marrocco staff were very helpful and caring during my husbands funeral viewing and burial. They handled all of the details efficiently.

Maria Moch June 02, 2019

In behalf of my family I would like to thank Marrocco Memorial Chapel for their warmth and kindness in assisting us through our grief. In old age, and having been in the Nursing Home for 5 years, the passing away of our mother was expected. It is one thing to give that love and care when she was alive but it is overwhelming when, while dealing with our grief, there is that final task of having to bring her to her final resting place. We really appreciated the gentle guidance of Jim and Maria of having to go through that process. Their warmth made us feel like family. All consideration and understanding was given. The Chapel provided a calming atmosphere to come together to say our goodbyes and the final trip to the cementary was proper and organized. The process unfolded with ease, allowing us to grieve and not be overwhelmed with a task. Their service was truly professional but also personal and this was truly appreciated by our family. Our heartfelt thanks Jim and Maria.

MaryEve Bambico June 14, 2019

My father-in-law was a planner and pre-arranged his funeral a few years ago early in his illness. This was a wonderful and thoughtful act on his part because it spared his family all of the decision making. The visitation and funeral were so beautiful thanks to Jimmy Marrocco, a fourth generation funeral director. My father-in-law looked so serene in his beautiful blue casket with an Italian Rosary in his hands gifted from Jimmy. My wife and I are so grateful to the entire Marrocco staff who embrace their vocations of helping the broken hearted with grace and compassion.

Lawrence szarka August 21, 2019

My son recently passed away unexpectedly at the early age of 28. We all know a parent should not have to bury their child. With no knowledge of the first thing I had to do I began by calling Marocco Memorial. Both my grandparents had a beautiful funeral prepared by them many years ago. From the first phone call to Elizabeth I knew I had made the right call. She was so helpful in every step of the way. Making phone calls and getting all the documents needed so I wouldn't have the burden along with my grief. Upon my meeting with Jim the owner again all my needs were met. He had a wonderful priest come to the funeral to say a beautiful sermon who actually took the time to ask about my son prior the day of the funeral and made it very loving and personal. Marrocco Memorial Chapel is very deserving of your confidence. My son was given the thoughtful service and burial he deserved and they lightened the burden for myself his mother. My appreciation goes beyond words. I recommend anyone who is also burdened with the loss of their loved to put their trust with James Marrocco.

April Novik September 26, 2019

Jim and his staff helped us in this difficult time. They were supportive from the beginning and they check up on how my mom is doing. They are professional but most importantly caring and understanding. They made this difficult time for us easier to get through.

John Ricca January 23, 2020

They made my experience a little easier. Thank you all for caring!!

Fran Drozjock May 08, 2020

Marrocco Memorial Chapel has been a huge help to me and my family. They helped us a year ago when we lost our mother. Everything was smooth and easy as far as arrangements. More recently, we lost our brother due to COVID-19. I live in SC and had to make all arrangements online and by phone. I dealt mostly with Stephanie who was helpful, respectful and accommodating. Jim took the initial call and guided me to next steps. We did not have a memorial service but we were able to select a dignified urn and will schedule one when restrictions are lifted. Thank you again to all the fine folks at Marroccos.

Liz Pronk May 26, 2020

Our mother passed from COVID-19 and there was so much confusion as to what you were permitted to do and the staff at Marrocco explained everything very well and provided my brother and I comfort with our decisions.

Chuck Stuto May 27, 2020

Although wakes and funerals aren’t happy occasions, the staff of Marrocco Memorial Chapel made them peaceful and full of good memories. Each staff member was respectful and attentive, listened to our requests and, if possible, made them happen. The video they made from my mother’s photos was lovely. And they made my mother look beautiful and at rest.

Darlene Ojeda-Rivas July 29, 2020

The folks at Marrocco Funeral Home has served my family's needs for more than 30 years. They have always been professional, understanding and respectful in all dealings for my family. I have buried my grandparents, uncle and recently both my parents with them and each time they treated both us and our loved ones with respect. Jim Marrocco whom I have know for more than 40 years has always treated us right and I would not think of ever going somewhere other than Marrocco Funeral Home for our burial service needs. You would never know that it was a business, they make you feel like they are part of your family and care for our loved ones. In light of the recent COVID-19 challenges, Jim and his staff knew the answers to all my questions and how to satisfy the state distancing requirements and yet allow for my mother to receive the respect and visitation she deserved for a decent burial. I would highly recommend using them for your burial needs.

Bob Zampese October 25, 2020

Jim Marrocco and his staff are very friendly, helpful and professional during this most difficult time. Every question and concern my family had was responded to in a caring and thoughtful manner. I would highly recommend utilizing Marracco Memorial Chapel to anyone in need.

Ed Rossi December 04, 2020

They made a really tough moment in my life a bit brighter. Everyone I dealt with were really kind and caring. Even a few weeks later they reached out to me to see how I was doing which was really great of them. Thank you again for making the process of the passing of my beloved wife easier for me and the family.

Anthony Pirone January 27, 2021

My husband recently passed away while serving overseas. The kids and I were living in San Diego where he was previously stationed. But I knew I wanted to do the funeral in New Jersey, where our friends and family were. I have never had to inquire about, let alone plan a funeral before. I made many phone calls but I felt that Jim was the most knowledgeable and accommodating. He and his staff were able to navigate me through a very difficult time in my life. I was very pleased with everything and would definitely recommend them to anyone else who may be in need.

Alexandria Schwartz May 15, 2021

There are so many thing's that can be said about the compassion and care that Marrocco Memorial Chapel can provide. They treat you like family, from the initial phone call to have them come get your loved one being it from your home or another facility, from the moment they walk in you feel at ease, like a comfort hug and some of the pain is taken away. They allow you time to say your goodbye before they are taken away into the care of the staff of Marrocco. When meeting with them in their Memorial Chapel, it is like going into a house of a friend not a Funeral Parlor. They take their time and listen to your every wish for your loved one's final journey home. Care, Compassion, Excellence. In conclusion please consider this wonderful Family to take care of yours. Sincerely, a Very Very satisfied Customer.


Many thanks to the staff at Marrocco Memorial Chapel. It was a long-distance arrangement and everything was handled with care and compassion .

K Gladwin July 06, 2021

Marrocco responded promptly during our time of need after my partner's stay at a local hospital in an area we were not familiar with. Their staff was courteous and sensitive to our needs, explaining the necessary process along the way, and their services were very competitively priced. They even provided helpful advice for our own less-formal memorial plans after cremation. I would definitely recommend reaching out to them if you find yourself with a similar need in the Clifton area. Thank you!

George H (PhantomSoul) October 02, 2021

My brother Jim passed away on 10/16 in Vegas. Meanwhile my wife was in the hospital and I had much work to take care of at my job in Brooklyn. Also, Nevada state laws are a little time consuming to deal with. Jim and Stephanie took care of all of the proceedings including Jim donating a suit for my brother to wear!

bobby g. December 02, 2021

Most helpful, warm, and understanding of all my family’s needs and concerns during the most hardest time of our lives. We could t be more pleased with their manner and grace. We highly recommend Marroccos and would return again in the future.

Fran Morici December 31, 2021

Marrocco's has the warmest and most helpful people. Every time I've needed help with a loved one passing they have been there. I can not say enough about them. Thank you.

Randolph January 21, 2022

Dear Jimmy & Staff I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful services you conducted for my father. Your guidance through this difficult time was very comforting to me. Without your knowledge and professionalism I would have been lost. With Sincere regards, Emanuel